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4. - 5.12. 2010 
Family Zalis went to Austria to Wels with their dog and they took with them also our female Rozarka (Dazmarnic Black Rose), who was entered to Saturday show. It was really successful week-end.
Glock Stawka Wieksza niž Žycie - Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB (judge Robert Blumel - A) and BOG 3. place (judge í - Maria Luise Dopplereiter - A)
Dazmarnic Black Rose - Excellent 1, Jugendbester (CAJC) and in final competition was pick from among 3 best juniors in competition of  Junior BIS of FCI Group III. under judge Christine Rossier - CH. There she was handled by Mrs. Zalis. Thanks to you both for excellent handling"
5.12. 2010
Glock Stawka Wieksza niž Žycie - Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB (judge Mladen Ercegovic - CRO), BOG (judge Miroslav Václavík - CZ) a BEST IN SHOW !!! (judge Otakar Vondrouš - CZ) - the entry was 2833 dogs!!!


19.11.2010 - Terrier Club Show Nitra - judge Mr. D.Gilmour
20.11 - 21.11. 2010 Duo CACIB Nitra - Saturday was judged by Mr. Westwod, Sunday by Mr. Salay.
Our young female Dazmarnic Black Rose (Rozárka) was shown by great handler Mr. Roman Zališ, who was showing there also his male Top Stafford 2010 Glock Stawka Wieksza Niž Žycie.
On Friday Glock won his class and got BOB, BOG a BIS. Congratulation!
Our Rose was doing also well and in strong competition in Junior class was placed as Excellent 2. Mr. D.Gilmour liked her and she got very nice judgment.
On Saturday was Glock placed as second, but Rose was presenting herself well and got Excellent1, CAJC.
The Sunday was successful for both of them, Glock got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Rose got Excellent 1, CAJC. I am very proud of her and mainly with great judgments from excellent judges.
I was very pleased with wonderful gold male Uki z Hambalek Bušín - owner Mr. Mucka - he got Excellent 1, CAC in intermediate class on Friday and Excellent 1, CAC in intermediate class on Sunday. Mr. Gilmour liked this male very much and he told, he has great future. Congratulations.
I would like to thank to family Zalis for their work with Rose to prepare her so good in such a short time for shows.
Congratulations also to my friend Pavel Krunka for Cruft's 2011 qualification.

Dazmarnic Black Rose

Uki z Hambalek Bušín

Glock Stawka Wieksza Niž Žycie


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Show - England

I was invited together with Pavel Krunka by our friend Franta Pitas to visit this great show in UK.
The departure was from Prague airport on Saturday 13.11.2010 morning. Frantisek pick up us at the London airport and went with us to his house. We were welcome by Czech living in UK and also by his great dogs Rocky, Bibi and Sisi. 
The dinner and desert were really great. Thank you!
Franta told us we can expect fantastic show with excellent quality dogs. And he was right.
We went to Stoneleigh Park in the morning which was 80 miles far from our place. The entry was 210 dogs and 24 champions were invited to introduce themselves in the separated show.
Mr. Norman Berry (Rendom) was judged males, females were judged by Mr. James Byrnes (Lackyle).
I had the possibility to see father of my dogs Ch. Ashstock By Jupiter, also Veteran Class Winner Ch. Carnig Positive Profile, fantastic male in excellent condition. I liked very much son of Ashstock By Jupiter -  wonderful male Ashstock Red Miller JW - grand father of our expected puppies.
The judging started at 9 in the morning and we can say, the quality of most of shown dogs was famous.
It was very difficult to make a decision about first places in each class.
We were very happy with "Novice class - males" where the winner was male owned by our friend Frantisek Pitas - Rocky - Arganian Saiorse Warrior. Rocky was prepared really excellent for the show ring. Congratulations!!!
Open Class Winner - male became well-known Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen under excellent handling by his owner Joanna Marachowska.
Open Class Winner - female became Rotherstaff Indian Ink at Dynastaff.
It was nearly impossible to pick the best one in competition of 20 and more females in each class.

Both judges were fantastic, with high knowledge of the breed. I wish to have same quality judges in our country too. 

We went back in the evening...It was great day for all of us and we are very happy we had the possibility to be there...We are looking forward to next year show.

Once more big thanks for all to Frantisek!!!


Arganian Saiorse Warrior

Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen

Rotherstaff Indian Ink at Dynastaff

Ashstock Red Miller JW



05.11.2010 we are very pleased we can inform all interested people in puppies from our kennel that pregnancy of our great red female Ume z Hambalek Bušín was confirmed by sono. Father of future puppies is wonderful red male who has both parents from UK - Silkstaff´s Insider at Pride Staff´s. We expect puppies with excellent exterior and character. Clyde (Silkstaff´s Insider at Pride Staff´s) is young dog which is really successful just in the beginning of his show career, same as our Ume . You can find more information about this upcoming litter on page PUPPIES FOR SALE.
Thank you Mike for possibility to use our wonderful dog and for all your care about us during our staying in Germany.

Silkstaff´s Insider at Pride Staff´s

Club Junior Winner - PL 2010
Cruft's Qualification - Scotland - 2011
Bundessieger - Dortmund Best Junior Dog
Best Junior, Best of Breed
under Collin Powel ( UK)
Best in Show of the Bullbreeds

L2HGA, HC clear  

Ume z Hambalek Bušín

Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior Female

L2HGA, HC clear


Lats few sunny days in our garden:-)

free time

we want to go home!

Let us introduce to you our new addition - female VANTA Z HAMBALEK BUŠÍN. She is out from our successful female Karwillage Reality Check-- Top Stafford 2009 and Ch.Kannechor Smokey Joe.


1.10.2010 we went to Slovenia Eurodog Show, to Celje. The judge was Mr. Štefan Šinko (SLO), the entry was 80 SBT.
Dazmarnic Check Mate was placed as Excellent in Junior class in competition of 11 males. Vanta z Hambalek Bušín was placed as Very Promising 3 in Puppy Class and Dazmarnic Black Rose was placed as Excellent in Junior Class, in competition of 18 females.


 25.9. 2010 National Show in Brno, judge Mrs.Volsicka. We went there with Vanta z Hambalek Bušín, Dazmarnic Black Rose (Rozárka) and Dazmarnic Check Mate (Timy).
Dazmarnic Check Mate - Junior class - Excellent 1 CAJC, Best Junior.
Vanta z Hambalek Bušín - Puppy Class - Very Promising 1.
Dazmarnic Black Rose - Junior Class (12 females in class) - Excellent. .


Another great success of young wonderful male Solón z Hambalek Bušín - owner Mrs. Anna Łukaszewska - on Terrier Club Alec Waters Memorial show in Warsaw. He was shown in Champion class and was placed as Excellent 2 under judge Rita Smith-Waters. Bug congratulations!


Dne 5.9.2010 we went to show in Austria St. Polten - Joe Mallen memorial. It was first show for our Vanta z Hambalek Busin, she was shown in Puppy Class, where she won.
We shown there also our Rozarka - Dazmarnic Black Rose. Unfortunately the judge Paul Grimwood from UK gave only one Excellent in this Class and Rozarka was not the one. We also shown our male Timy - Dazmarnic Check Mate in Junior Class. Judge Mrs. Nancie Booth (UK) placed him as Excellent.
In Open Class was shown also female from our offspring - Rumina z Hambalek Busín (owners family Otmar) and she was placed as Excellent 2, res. CACA.
Male Hermes Eilatan - breeder Mrs. Ivana Zuranova, owner Tereza Pauderova was very successful - was placed as Excellent 1, Club Jugendsieger, Best Continental Junior, Joe Mallen Memorial Trophy Winner, BOB. Big congratulation!!!

Vanta z Hambalek Busin





19.06.2010 International Show - Brno. The judge was Mrs. Hana Vojackova.
We were there with our three females  - Dazmarnic Black Rose (Rozárka), Ume z Hambalek Bušín and Karwillage Reality Check (Dotinka).
The youngest Rozárka was shown in Puppy Class and was placed as Very Promising 2.
Umme was shown in Junior Class in strong competition of 13 females...the judge was very strict and gave only 4 Excellent prices....our Umme was placed as Excellent 3.
Dotie was shown in Open Class and won this class.  She was placed as Excellent 1, CAC, RES. CAC. This day she fulfilled conditions for title CHAMPION CZ.


12.6.2010 - Club Show in Kolesa.
We shown there our young imported male DAZMARNIC CHECK MATE (Timy) and imported female DAZMARNIC BLACK ROSE (Rozarka). Timy was shown in Baby Class under UK judge Mr. F.Gough with result Very Promising 3. Rozarka was also shown in Baby Class under Mr. J.Ford (also from UK) with result Very Promising.
Wonderful female from our offspring Rumina z Hambalek Bušín (Sheffstaffs Red Rum x Angelika z Kraje vína) was shown there too and in strong competition of 20 females in Open Class was placed as Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner - female.
We are very pleased with this success, congratulations and we wish more successes in future to Rumina and her owner family Otmar from Prague.


07.06.2010 we are very pleased that picture of wonderful male from our offspring -  Siderius z Hambalek Bušín (Ch.Sheffstaffs Red Rum x Ch.Kallidiké z Hambalek Bušín) - was published in magazine Pes pritel cloveka, where characterization of our breed was published by successful breeder Mrs. Helena Mudrova. Congratulations to this great male to his owner Mr. Lebr.


29.-30.05.2010 - Staffího day 2010 - there were shown also wonderful male from our offspring - Ukki z Hambalek Bušín (Ch.Sheffstaffs Red Rum x Ch.Kallidiké z Hambalek Bušín), owner Mr. Mučka. Judge Mr. Karlsson (UK) really liked him and he was placed as Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner. Thank you for presentation and congratulations!


23.05.2010 we would like to introduce to you new addition in our kennel - red male DAZMARNIC CHECK MATE (Timy) from UK breeder Mr. Bill Asker and his friend, which we presented before few weeks - DAZMARNIC BLACK ROSE. You can find more information and their pictures on: "Our females" and "Our dogs".


18.05.2010 we received news from Natalie from Kyjev (Ukraine) - 7 puppies were born - signed by our Spike. Congratulations to such a nice litter!

17.05.2010 we received great news from Mrs. Tomanova, owner of Polio z Hambalek Bušín. Polio was shown in Bratislava with result BOB and Cruft's 2011 nomination.
Congratulations to another big success!!!


23.04.2010 last pictures of Wanesa and Vanta. All puppies are sold now.


31.03.2010 you can find new puppies pictures on "PUPPIES FOR SALE"


08.03.2010 you can find new puppies pictures on Puppies for sale page.


We would like to introduce to you our new dark brindle female imported from UK - DAZMARNIC BLACK ROSE. She was born on 23.11. 2009 in UK kennel - breeder Mr. Bill Asker. We are really happy with this female, she is out from excellent bred, modern blood line.
I want to thank to my friend Frantisek Pitas for his help with transportation to Czech  and thanks to breeder Mr.Asker for possibility to have this wonderful  female and for his choice, which he made for me. You will find more information about this great female soon on Our females page soon.



06.02.2010 - DUO CACIB BRNO
We were there with our young female Ume z Hambalek Busin. Ume presented herself very nice and we were really happy with her placement - V1, CAJC and title Best Young Female. 
In strong competition was placed as second female Utika z Hambalek Busin. And another great success for female Robigola z Hambalek Busin - Excellent 1, CAC, R. CACIB owned by Edita Jemelkova. Big congratulation!!!

Ume z Hambalek Busin

Helenka was looking after our Ume during whole day:-)


06.02.2010 - DUO CACIB BRNO
Této mezinárodní výstavy jsme se zúčastnili

18.01.2010 we are proud to inform all interested people in puppies out from our Dottie (Carwillage Reality Check) - Top Stafford 2010, that pregnancy was confirmed.


The same day was also confirmed pregnancy of our Ch. Kallidike z Hambalek Busin.

You will find information about new born puppies here and more about them on page "Puppies for sale".


08.01.2010 - National Show in Olomouc. We went to this first show in 2010 with our young female Ume z Hambalek Busin. The weather was not very good, it was snowing whole day, so also the way was a bit difficult. The judge was Mr. Vaclavik. His priority was the height, movement and teeth - bite.
Our Ume shown herself very nice and she was placed as Excellent 2, in competition of 13 females.
In Open Class was shown female from our offspring - Rumina z Hambalek Busin - she was successful again and was placed as Excellent 1, CAC, Congratulations to her owners - family Otman.

Ume z Hambalek Bušín