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On 07.12.2009 celebrated our female Ch. JCh.Dea Dia z Hambalek Bušín 10th birthday. As you can see on pictures, she is still  in an excellent condition :-)


15.12.2009 I decided to go to UK for mating with my imported female Dottie (Karwillage Reality Check) with wonderful, successful male Ch. Kannechor S. It was very quick decision and as I was work loaded, my friends offered me to go with Dottie to country of her origin - UK. They must get over few problems during the way, with customs officers, etc. But the mating was realized on 16.12.09 in night at last and the same day went my friends with Dottie back home.
I would like to thanks to Hana and Tonda and mainly to John Ryder - owner of this wonderful dog for his patience and possibility to use this great dog. THANK YOU!

We would like to inform you, that our Dottie (Karwillage Reality Check) became Top Stafford 2009. We are very proud of her and very happy with this success.


07.11.2009 - International Show Praha
It was the last show in Czech this year. We were showing there our Ume z Hambalek Busin in Puppy class and our Dottie - Karwillage Reality Check in Open Class. Ume was placed as Very Promising 3 and Dottie was Excellent 2, r.CAC.


24.10. 2009 - International show České Budějovice
I was showing wonderful male from GB,owned by Mr. Pitas - Rocky -Angranian Sairose Warrior. The judge was Petrusova. In strong competition in Intermediate class was Rocky placed as Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB.
Dottie - Karwillage Reality Check was shown in Open class and was placed as Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.


17.10. 2009 - National show - Brno. The judge was Mr. Havelka from Slovakia. Our Ume z Hambalek Busin was shown in Puppy class, handled by Mrs. Hrabakova and was placed as Very Promising 2. Dottie - Karwillage Reality Check was placed as Excellent 2, r. CAC in Winners class.


12.09.2009 Club Show SBT.
This show was in Kladruby nad Labem, in wonderful place. The entry was more than 170 dog, great competition. Dogs were judging in two show rings - males and females separated by Russian judges. I was very curious to see borrowed male from GB - Angranian Sairose Warrios, who is owned by my friend Franta Pitas. This male was handled by Mr.  Pavel Krunka. Angranian is doing great in show ring and with nice judgment won Intermediate class and got CAC. I was really pleased with look of gold female from my offspring - Utika z Hambalek Bušín, owned by Mrs. Zdena Stejskalova. Uttica won her class in really strong competition. I am sure, she will have successful show career.
Our Dotty was placed on nice 4. place in Winner class. 
I would like to thank to all, who prepared this very nice show and I am looking forward to meet you all next year.

Utika z Hambalek Bušín


22.08.2009 show in town Random - PL. Female Ravena z Hambalek Bušín got another CWC and title Best female. She fulfilled conditions for title Champion PL! Congratulations to her owner Mrs. Dagmara Knytz.

 Mrs. Dagmara wrote:
This Sunday at the show in Radom Rava took I place and got CWC and title  Best Female, and she become Champion of Poland. We are very proud.


15. a 16.8.2009 we went to Bratislava International show with our Dottie. The judge was Mrs. Radvansky Katalin- HU on Saturday. Our Dottie was in strong competition in open class placed as Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB. The winner was female owned by Petra Videcka Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia.
The judge for Sunday was Mr. Polehňa. Dottinka was doing great in the show ring and got Excellent 1 CAC, CACIB and BOB.
Thanks to family Čiada for pictures.


10.08.2009 - we received another great news about male Solon z Hambalek Bušín, from his owner Mrs. Łukaszewska. Solon was placed as second in his class on Anniversary Club show TTB in Germany. It is great success under judge Mr. Bill Blacker from CROSSGUNS kennel! Congratulations and many thanks for news.


28.07.2009 - we received news about female from our offspring - Ravena z Hambalek Bušín (Sheffstaffs Red Rum x Angeliky z Kraje vína), who won another show and got  CWC. Many thanks for news to her owner Dagmara and we wish you all the best.


20.06.2009 - MVP Szcecin (PL) -  Solon z Hambalek Bušín won again, this time in intermediate class and got his first CAC
Another day was shown in Club show (Club TTB) and got  2 x CAC. Many thanks for great news and best wishes for future!!!


23.05.2009 - MVP Lesznie (PL) - Solon z Hambalek Bušín - Excellent 1, CAJC and he fulfilled condition for title Junior Champion PL. Congratulations to Mrs. Łukaszewska!!!


28.05.2009 - many thanks to nice young lady Edita Jemelkova for pictures of wonderful female Robigola z Hambalek Bušín. We wish you both many successes not only in show ring.

25.05.2009 - here are some new pictures of male Gino /Ukki z Hambalek Bušín/. Many thanks and we are looking forward to see his progress.


30.04.2009  we received new pictures of male Apache and female Zorbah - they are signed by our imported male from UK CH. Sheffstaff's Red Rum and they live in kennel Harrystaff´s in Sweden. Thanks a lot Mikaela and we wish you many successes not only in show ring.

25.04.2009  International show Ceske Budejovice - judge Mr. Polehna. Our Dottie (Karwillage REALITY CHECK ) was again successful - CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!


21.04.2009 we received new pictures of male Solón z Hambalek Bušín, who lives in Poland. He was again very successful in show ring - Junior winner. He is out from the same parents, as our current litter is - Ch.Sheffstaffs Red Rum x Ch.Kallidiké z Hambalek Bušín.


11.04.2009 Club Show -  Mlada Boleslav - judges Mrs.Anna Cwiecekova and Mr. Milan Bíros.
It was nice sunny day and our Dottie (Karwillage Reality Check) was successful again - she won intermediate class - Excellent 1, CAC, as second female was placed wonderful red female from our offspring - Rumina z Hambalek Busin.
Dotti fulfilled conditions for breeding from this moment.


04.04.2009 National show - Ostrava 2009. The judge was Mrs. ing. Dankova, who was mainly interested in correct back and movement. There were shown 52 SBT.
We were there with out Dottie - Karwillage Reality Check. She made us very happy again. She won in intermediate class - CAC, National Winner - female and BOB at last.
National Winner - male became successful male from our offspring - Polio z Hambálek Bušín, who was "fiting" for BOB with our Dottie in the end.
Very successful was also wonderful female Robigolla z Hambalek Bušín -Excellent 2, R CAC in intermediate class. Congratulation to excellent handling to her owner Edita.

02.04.2009 I would like to thanks to owners of male Siderius z Hambalek Bušín (L2HGA + HC clear) - Miss Simona Kleinova and her friend Tomáš Lébr - for great pictures of this wonderful male.


04.-06.03.2009 I visited Cruft's show with my Friend Pavel Krunka. We were invited there by our friend Frantisek Pitas. He pick up us at the London airport and we went to his house, where was great dinner prepared and we met with his friends. I would like to thank him for great welcome and all his help.
The show was wonderful. Excellent organization, excellent dogs and excellet handling.
Here are few pictures from our visit. Once more thanks for all.

sestra Rokyho

bratr Rokyho

06.03.2009 we have great news for all of you - we have new born puppies. The litter was born on 05.03.2009 - there are 4 females and 3 males out from Ch.Kallidiké z Hambalek Bušín and Ch. Sheffstaffs Red Rum. You can find more pictures on puppies page. All puppies have wonderful heads and colours.

07.-08.02.2009 Duo CACIB Brno.
On Saturday was the judge Mr. Seman - our Dottie (Karwillage Reality Check) was placed as Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior and Cruft's 2010 nomination, in strong competition of 20 females.
I was very pleased with results of two females from our kennel - Rumina z Hambalek Bušín - Excellent 1, CAC  (in intermediate class) and Robigolla z Hambalek Bušín - Excellent 2, R. CAC. These females are out from Sheffstaffs Red Rum and Angeliky z Kraje vína.
On Sunday was the judge Mr. Kubala and our Dottie was placed as Excellent 3.
Rumina z Hambalek Bušín was not shown this day and Robigolla was again placed as Excellent 2, R. CAC. Congratulation!

Karwillage Reality Check

Rumina z Hambalek Bušín

Robigolla z Hambalek Bušín


05.02.2009 We would like to inform all interested people in puppies from our kennel, that pregnancy of our Ch.Kallidiké z Hambalek Bušín was confirmed. Puppies are signed by our wonderful imported red male Ch. Sheffstaffs Red Rum. We expect litter from this great combination on 08.03.2009.


09.01.2009 On this year's first show in Olomouc got our imported female Dottie (Karwillage Reality Check) very nice judgment and was placed as Excellent 2 in competition of 10 females in Young Class.


06.01.12009 I would like to inform you, that we have new male and female in our kennel - both imported from country of origin - England.

The small lady is red female - Pritsim Charlies Angel, out from wonderful parents Arnhem Stand N Deliver and Sherdren Just For Fun - breeder Mr. M.Pritchard.
The small boy is Dazmarnic Lionhearted, signed by gorgeous male Colliermans Lionheart at Dazmarnic, breeder Mr. B. Asher.

I must thanks to my friend Mr. Pitas, who again help me a lot. He pick up both puppies and our friend Vojta brought them home by car.

I want to thank to both breeders for all their help and kindness. THANK YOU!

Mr. Pitas with Colliermans Lionheart at Dazmarnic

males parents

Dazrmarnic Lionhearted


female Pritsim Charlies Angel

male Dazrmarnic Lionhearted

both together:-)